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Information for Prospective & Existing Suppliers

Prospective and existing suppliers can learn more about conducting business with NYU Langone Health.

Information for Prospective Suppliers

Any payee by NYU Langone is considered a supplier. NYU Langone only pays approved suppliers. Approved suppliers are those companies NYU Langone wishes to do business with that:

  • have completed an electronic New Supplier Application
  • have provided a current Form W-8BEN or W-9 during that process
  • are not under federal indictment or under other financial sanctions

If an individual passes the requirements of an independent contractor, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and is not engaging in services that may be considered employment, he or she may complete an Independent Contractor Questionnaire that will be approved and evaluated by NYU Langone.

Registration and Application Process

All suppliers, service providers, and other vendors must utilize the electronic supplier onboarding tool to begin the supplier registration process.

Supplier requests are reviewed by the appropriate parties within the organization, which are dependent upon the type of supplies or services provided. The application requires tax ID information, payment and banking information, as well as other key data that is necessary to establish a relationship with the organization. It is critical that applications contain all of the requested information and are completed in a timely fashion. Applicants can save and access the application before submitting it and will receive notifications throughout the application process that advise of the time restrictions and when an application is in danger of expiring.

Upon successfully registering as an approved supplier, you will be provided access to secure portals that offers support during the purchasing process. For assistance with completing a current application, please contact

Resources for Existing Suppliers

NYU Langone’s eSupplier portal allows existing suppliers to review and acknowledge purchase orders, access invoices and look up payment information, and request changes to address, phone number, or other contact information.

Existing suppliers can also access our supplier self-service portal, which offers a searchable knowledgebase documents and offers answers to frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact

Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders

Even when a contract is signed, NYU Langone requires a purchase order (PO) in order to facilitate payment of invoices. Purchase orders must be referenced on every invoice. Orders for goods and services must be made via PO, or a contract supported by a PO, and placed by our purchasing department. Department personnel may only place orders provided they have a standing PO for services.

Purchase Order Acknowledgements

NYU Langone requires that suppliers acknowledge POs, including POs for services to be used for billing. Suppliers not having accurate PO numbers will result in delay of processing of invoices and payment.

Payment Terms

NYU Langone’s standard payment terms are 45 days for new suppliers, unless consideration is offered in the form of contract pricing, in which both consideration and payment terms shall be agreed upon upfront in the contract. It is permissible to have standard payment terms established for a supplier and subsequent contracts, depending on the goods and or services provided, may carry nonstandard payment terms.


NYU Langone’s supplier credentialing program is a mandatory program designed to ensure the safety of our patients and staff while conducting business with outside companies. This also insures that the companies that NYU Langone does business with are not a risk to the financial well-being of the institution and that NYU Langone Health meets its obligations to the regulatory and compliance laws of the industry.

Vendormate is a company that is responsible for gathering, compiling, reviewing, and storing data from suppliers to ensure they meet the criteria to maintain the ability to do business with NYU Langone. We request that all suppliers register with Vendormate. Even if the vendor does not come on site, we request that the vendor register and be compliant with the program, which carries an annual fee, none of which is paid to NYU Langone.


NYU Langone requires goods and services be billed on unique invoices, in a manner that does not lead to duplicate invoicing. The following key fields must be present on an invoice in order for it to be applied to a PO for payment:

  • company name
  • unique invoice/document number
  • invoice date
  • PO number
  • a description of services or the quantity and price of goods delivered
  • remittance address, even required when payment is by Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Invoice Submission

Invoices, with a PO number referenced, should be submitted electronically. Based upon the anticipated volume of activities, we ask that you either participate in one of our established programs for submitting invoices or that you email PDF images, with each invoice being its own PDF document, to the email address that corresponds with your entity: NYU Langone to or NYU Winthrop to Suppliers should not send invoices to individual departments within the respective organizations or their satellite offices, as that will further delay processing and payments.


NYU Langone issues payments for invoices based on vendor net terms, or when applicable, net terms specified in a contract as evident on an NYU Langone-issued PO. In support of go-green initiatives and in an effort to reduce the risk of lost checks, we encourage our vendors to take advantage of electronic payments via the United States American Bankers Association ACH. A remittance notification is emailed for every disbursement detailing the invoices paid on the ACH payment.

Environmental and Socially Responsible Procurement

NYU Langone prides itself on efforts to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.

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