Chaplain Internship & Residency Programs

At NYU Langone our commitment to teaching future healthcare professionals extends to spiritual care. Interns and residents learn how to listen to and engage with patients and their loved ones, build rapport, and respond to verbal and nonverbal communication.

Students are required to spend 300 hours on clinical work, visiting patients and families, plus 100 hours spent in the classroom and on individual education. Clinical pastoral education (CPE) students include:

  • people training to become board-certified chaplains
  • people seeking certification as supervisors from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
  • seminarians required to take one unit of CPE as part of their degree programs
  • local clergy seeking to improve their pastoral care skills

Internship Program at NYU Langone

To learn more about the Chaplain Internship Program at NYU Langone, please contact CPE supervisor Rabbi Yael Shmilovitz at

Internship and Residency Program at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn

NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn has three full-time chaplain residents and three extended unit interns. Chaplain residents are fully integrated into our pastoral care team.

To learn more about the Chaplain Internship and Residency Program at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, please contact the Rev. Melody Meeter at The next internship unit begins May 22, 2017 and ends August 10, 2017.