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Venous Thromboembolic Center

We have several locations in Manhattan.

The mission of NYU Langone’s Venous Thromboembolic Center (VTEC) is to seamlessly deliver advanced detection, care, and management services for people experiencing a venous thromboembolism, commonly known as a blood clot.

Dr. Neal S. Cayne

Vascular surgeon Dr. Neal S. Cayne is part of a team that specializes in providing advanced care for people experiencing blood clots.

A blood clot such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism can occur suddenly, without warning, and can be fatal in nearly one-third of patients. Timely, efficient treatment is critical for preventing serious complications and saving your life. Our team of doctors and researchers has created standardized, evidenced-based guidelines for screening, preventing, diagnosing, and managing blood clots that are used throughout NYU Langone. We track every patient found to have a blood clot, enabling an expert from the Venous Thromboembolic Center to quickly deliver customized patient care.

Research and Education

Doctors at our center coordinate with NYU Langone’s world-class scientists and researchers to conduct a large study with the goals of increasing our understanding of the risk factors for blood clots and improving prevention and treatment. We aim to have a recognizable genetic handprint for blood clots in the form of a blood test that can warn us which patients may develop blood clots, so we can offer the best preventive treatment during your stay in the hospital and beyond.

VTEC is also at the forefront of providing education to the larger medical community, creating the nation’s first fellowship program dedicated solely to venous thromboembolic disease.