Thriving! Survivorship Program

Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, has developed a Thriving! Survivorship Program that addresses the special needs of childhood cancer survivors.

Hassenfeld Survivorship Day Attendee Drawing

Our dedicated staff finds new ways to support survivors and to complement their resilience. We provide specialized care to nurture and heal all aspects of a survivor’s long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional development after he or she has completed treatment. 

We discuss social and emotional issues such as relationships, employment, cognitive impact, insurance issues, and long-term health effects including heart disease, lung scarring, infertility, and second cancers because of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. 

The Thriving! Program was established thanks to a generous gift from Abbe and Brian Walter, whose son, Ben, was successfully treated for leukemia at Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders starting in 2003.  

Thriving! Program Services: Care and Aftercare

From the first day a child is diagnosed with cancer, our medical team provides the care and resources that patients and their families need to be well informed about the nature and course of the child’s illness during and following treatment. 

We employ a comprehensive and holistic approach to care. Interventions and services provided include nutritional counseling for lifelong wellness; physical and occupational therapy for children at risk for motor difficulties; neuropsychological evaluations for children at risk of cognitive impairment and educational difficulties; and psychological and social work support and referrals for any other emotional concerns or psychosocial needs. 

Survivors are cared for and monitored long after treatment is complete. Each survivor meets with members of an individualized Thriving! team that includes the child’s personal physician or nurse practitioner, a psychologist, social worker, nutritionist, medical librarian, and physical therapist, as needed. Appropriate referrals are also made for other medical practitioners such as endocrinologists, fertility specialists, cardiologists, or orthopedists when indicated. 

Thriving! draws on the unique strengths of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital's clinical, educational, and psychosocial programs. Ongoing support is provided to adolescents and young adults through support groups, educational guidance, and referrals to relevant community and outreach programs such as vocational assistance. 

We aim to be there for children and families through every step of the cancer journey.