Educational Resources for Children with Cancer & Blood Disorders

At Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, we help children keep up with their studies and stay connected with the classroom during their treatment. We accomplish this through several programs aimed at keeping children on track academically.

School Liaison and Re-Entry

Transitioning back to school after a long illness can be challenging for some children. Our school liaison and re-entry services help maintain the lines of communication between your child’s school, family, and medical team.

Our education coordinator meets with your family to determine if extra services, such as home instruction or tutoring, are needed during treatment. When your child is ready to return to school, we help your child access school services or support, including special education services and interventions such as speech therapy.

Children and teenagers often have questions and concerns about how their friends and classmates might respond to their diagnosis and treatment. We can help your child share his or her cancer story with fellow students and teachers in a safe, supportive, and developmentally appropriate way. These classroom presentations empower children to feel comfortable talking about the diagnosis and treatment experience, while also preparing fellow students and teachers for their return to school.

On-Site Education and Enrichment

Certified New York State school teachers are available at the clinic and in the hospital to help children keep up with their studies. Our educators teach students in grades kindergarten through 12, help them with schoolwork, and proctor exams such as state Regents tests. Our teachers also help coordinate home instruction for children who are not well enough to attend school on a daily basis.

Thanks to partnerships with institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York City Audubon, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, and Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, we provide special enrichment programs. These workshops bring the field trip experience to the clinic through interactive and hands-on programs that teach children about topics such as science and technology, art history, and animal habitats.

Neuropsychological Testing

Cancer and its treatments can affect many facets of a child’s learning and development. Our specialists use neuropsychological testing to assess a child’s memory, attention, and brain-processing abilities. This allows us to make appropriate treatment and educational recommendations, as well as secure learning interventions or accommodations for your child when needed.