Sleep & Breathing Services for Children

The sleep medicine specialists, pulmonologists, surgeons, and otolaryngologists—ear, nose, and throat doctors—on our team collaborate to provide personalized care for children with sleep and breathing conditions. The most common sleep and breathing disorder that our otolaryngologists manage at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone is sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea causes frequent pauses in breathing during sleep because of a repeated blockage of the airway. Symptoms include loud snoring and gasping for air or labored breathing during sleep. During the day, your child may experience excessive sleepiness or behavioral problems because of the lack of a good night’s sleep.

Thorough Diagnostic Evaluations

To confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea, our experts start with a thorough medical history and physical exam.

In addition, we may perform a nasal endoscopy or a sleep endoscopy, procedures that allow doctors to view the anatomic structures that may be contributing to your child’s sleep and breathing problems. We may also recommend a sleep study, available through our Pediatric Sleep Disorders Program.

Our child life specialists at Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care help support and comfort your child during these exams.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Our doctors create a treatment plan to directly address the underlying cause of sleep apnea in your child. Some reasons sleep apnea may develop include enlarged tonsils or adenoids, a deviated septum, or facial abnormalities.

We carefully consider the severity of sleep apnea when creating a care plan. Our doctors may recommend various medical treatments, such as medication or continuous positive airway pressure, commonly known as CPAP, if your child’s symptoms are mild. Severe symptoms of sleep apnea may be better managed with surgery.

Our doctors can discuss these options with you and your child, monitor treatment progress, and adjust treatment as needed.