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NYU Langone’s Pancreatitis Program provides specialized care to people in need of treatment and surgery for pancreatic conditions. The pancreas is a gland that helps with digestion by releasing specific enzymes such as protease to break down proteins, and hormones such as insulin to control blood sugar.


The National Pancreas Foundation has named NYU Langone an Academic Center of Excellence for our outstanding patient care and leading-edge research in pancreatitis.

Conditions we provide treatment for include:

  • acute, chronic, and hereditary pancreatitis
  • pancreatic cancer
  • pancreatic divisum, a congenital condition in which the pancreatic ducts aren’t joined properly
  • pancreatic pseudocyst, a cyst or fluid-filled sac on the pancreas

In addition to treating patients with pancreatic conditions, it is our mission to learn more about the body's immune response to pancreatitis by conducting ongoing clinical and scientific research. Using our findings, we aim to identify patients who may need more aggressive treatment and those who may not need treatment at all. We are constantly evaluating new surgical techniques to lower the risks of pancreatic surgery and to minimize discomfort.

For people who need further evaluation or treatment for pancreatic cancer, we collaborate closely with experts at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center.

NYU Langone has a history of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic conditions. In 1974, Dr. John Ranson pioneered the Ranson criteria—a clinical prediction rule—to help determine the severity of acute pancreatitis and predict recovery outcomes. 

Dr. Ranson also collaborated with NYU Langone radiologist Dr. Emil Balthazar to use CT scans to grade the severity of acute pancreatitis, which led to the Balthazar score CT severity index. This diagnostic tool is still used today.

The Pancreatitis Program continues to be at the forefront of research for medical advances in the field. We are currently participating in a clinical trial investigating a novel treatment for acute pancreatitis that uses therapeutic hypothermia to safely lower a person’s body temperature to reduce the severity of illness.

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