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At NYU Langone Radiology—NYU Langone Orthopedic Center, we deliver radiology services by a staff of more than 10 board-certified radiologists. Our doctors perform more than 40,000 radiologic procedures and studies each year using the latest diagnostic imaging technology.

Because our radiologists work on-site, they are available to review and interpret test results in partnership with your physician. This means a faster and more accurate diagnosis in order to begin treatment for your condition. 

Radiologists Talking in the Radiology Suite

Among our collection of equipment for muscle, bone, and joint imaging are the following:

  • three-dimensional, ultra-low dose orthopedic radiographic imaging system from the EOS X-ray machine, which can capture full-body images of patients who are either standing or sitting
  • two MRI machines (1.5 and 3 Tesla) with short-bore technology allowing for increased patient comfort without compromising image quality
  • seven digital X-ray machines for high-quality radiographic imaging and full musculoskeletal functionality
  • two high-performance ultrasound units 
  • two fluoroscopic procedure rooms for joint and spine injection therapy featuring ceiling and wall-mounted monitors to compare the patient’s current and prior images
  • musculoskeletal interventional radiology

In line with our patient-centered philosophy, we provide patient changing rooms adjacent to our radiology suites with ample locker space for your comfort, privacy, and convenience.

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We have a variety of appointment times to meet your needs. Please call for availability, or schedule online using your NYU Langone Health MyChart account or the NYU Langone Health app. To schedule an appointment you must have an order for the exam from your referring physician.

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