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NYU Langone Medical Associates—Greenpoint provides primary and specialty medical care to people in northern Brooklyn, including the surrounding neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Fort Greene in Brooklyn and Long Island City in Queens. We also offer care at two Manhattan locations.

Dr. Osvaldo Trigo and Nurse

Dr. Osvaldo Trigo chats with a nurse at NYU Langone Medical Associaties–Greenpoint.

Specialized Care in Greenpoint

Our doctors can help keep you well by providing annual physicals and immunizations to adults and children. If you need specialized care for an illness or injury, we have doctors from the following medical specialties:

Onsite Testing Available

For your convenience, we offer numerous diagnostic testing services.

As part of our cardiology care, we provide 24-hour Holter monitoring, pacemaker checks, stress testing, nuclear stress testing, ankle brachial index testing, vascular studies, echocardiogram, and electrocardiogram, also known as EKG.

We offer allergy testing, including blood tests and skin tests, as well as allergy shots, pulmonary function testing, and spirometry testing.

Videonystagmography testing, also known as VNG, is available on site as well. This test examines the inner ear and brain to help diagnose the cause of dizziness or loss of balance.

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Our Locations

NYU Langone Medical Associates—Greenpoint

934 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

NYU Langone Medical Associates—2 Fifth Avenue

2 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

NYU Langone Gastroenterology Associates—East Village

232 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

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