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NYU Langone Dialysis Center

At NYU Langone Dialysis Center, our skilled medical team offers comprehensive care for adults and children with kidney disease. Our treatments, which can slow the progression of this chronic condition, include on-site dialysis at our Bethpage and Mineola dialysis centers, training for home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and local referrals for kidney transplant evaluation. Doctors use a personalized, holistic approach and treat each patient with culturally sensitive care, dignity, and respect.

We are dedicated to nephrology clinical research and education and offer a Nephrology Fellowship at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine.

Outpatient Dialysis Care

Dialysis is recommended for some people with advanced kidney disease or kidney failure, or those awaiting a kidney transplant. At NYU Langone Dialysis Center, our dedicated staff work in partnership with patients and their doctors and are active participants in your care plan. We provide information and support to patients and their families throughout the medical decision-making process.

We offer hemodialysis at NYU Langone Dialysis Center—Mineola and NYU Langone Dialysis Center—Bethpage. Before hemodialysis can begin, your nephrologist and vascular surgeon collaborate to determine the optimal access area in your arm or neck so blood can flow through catheters into a dialysis machine, where waste is filtered and clean blood is returned to your body.

Home Dialysis Care

Our specialists provide comprehensive training for you and your partner to perform hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis in the comfort of your home. During peritoneal dialysis, waste products are filtered inside your body, so the procedure can be done anywhere once our medical technicians teach you the process. A surgeon first places a catheter into your abdomen so that surrounding blood vessels can filter waste from your blood. A mineral-and-sugar mixture is placed in the catheter to draw waste into the abdominal cavity. It is then flushed out of the body through the catheter.

If you have space for the dialysis machine, supplies, and the water system you may need, home dialysis care provides flexibility to choose the time of day you receive treatment. Our compassionate dialysis center staff continues to support you during treatment and can connect you with patients who have already received home dialysis.

Kidney Transplant

If you are in need of a kidney transplant, we provide recommendations for nearby evaluations and referrals to the NYU Langone Transplant Institute for surgery. We are leaders in the field, and our program ranks highest in the nation for one-year survival rates after a transplant. Our doctors have transplanted more kidneys than any other center in New York State.

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A physician referral is required before you can schedule a dialysis appointment or kidney transplant consultation. We see patients from many different specialists, including the physicians at NYU Langone Medical Associates—530 Hicksville Road and NYU Langone Nephrology Associates—Mineola.

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