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At NYU Langone Diabetes and Endocrinology Associates—Mineola, the doctors, diabetes educators, nurses, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitian nutritionists on our team provide treatment for children and adults who have disorders of the endocrine system, including diabetes. Other conditions we treat in adults include adrenal disorders, bone and mineral disorders, lipid disorders, metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, and thyroid disorders.

Through NYU Long Island School of Medicine, our doctors are also involved in endocrine and metabolic research, including groundbreaking studies in diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis.

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes or prevent it in people who are at high risk. Using our Medically Supervised Weight Management Program, our medical team guides patients 18 and older through a structured plan that includes prepackaged shakes and meals that are tailored to help them reach their goal weight and then maintain that weight loss. This strategy is geared toward people with 30 pounds or more to lose and those who would benefit from the help of a personal coach and weekly nutrition classes.

For more information about medically supervised weight management, please call 516-663-DIET (516-663-3438).

Comprehensive Endocrinology Care

We provide specialized care for people who have metabolic bone diseases, including osteoporosis, osteopenia, Paget’s disease of bone, hypercalcemia, and hypocalcemia. Our endocrinologists use advanced bone density screening and prescription medications to help improve bone health and reduce the risk of fracture.

We also provide expert care for people with thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, and evaluation and diagnosis for thyroid neoplasia, which can indicate a benign tumor or, in rare cases, a cancerous growth. We provide referrals for surgical care if needed.

Our endocrinologists and certified diabetes care and education specialists provide treatment and support to help children and adults successfully manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We provide state-of-the-art therapies, including the use of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

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