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In-Room Services at Kimmel Pavilion

At NYU Langone’s Kimmel Pavilion, we offer the following services and amenities.

Patient Meals

Meals are served daily in your room. Upon admission to Kimmel Pavilion, you are screened for your nutritional needs and, if necessary, a registered dietitian develops an individualized meal plan. Kosher and halal meals, as well as meals that meet other dietary preferences, are available upon request at no extra charge.

When you first are admitted, you are served that day’s house selection. After that, meals may be selected using MyWall, a 75-inch electronic display screen with a touch screen tablet at the bedside. MyWall provides access to full menus based on your diet and corresponding nutritional information, enabling you to order meals right from your bed.

Touch Screen Tablet and MyWall Screen

The advanced digital technology available in each patient room makes it easy to order meals and access entertainment.

In-Room Education and Entertainment

MyWall gives you a range of entertainment and relaxation options. You can use the internet, watch movies and TV shows through Netflix, and use Spotify to listen to music and podcasts. Your own personal login is required for Netflix and Spotify.

With MyWall, you can also view the members of your care team, educational materials related to your care, and daily goals recommended by your care team to assist in your recovery.

Although personal electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and portable DVD players are permitted, we recommend leaving them at home to guarantee their safety. Please be advised that NYU Langone is not responsible for the safety and security of these items during your stay.

Room Comfort

Using MyWall, you are able to adjust window shades, lighting, and room temperature. You can turn off the lights when you want to sleep or close the shades during the day, without having to get out of bed or request assistance.


MyWall provides access to free domestic telephone service and Skype, allowing you to video chat with friends and family.

Assistive telephone devices, teletypewriter (TTY), and telephones with amplified handsets and built-in ring indicator lights are available.

Patients and visitors may use personal cell phones in all areas of the hospital except in operating rooms and procedural areas. We ask that you connect to the NYU Langone Wi-Fi. Please maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from medical equipment, and do not place your mobile device on top of any medical equipment. When using your mobile phone, please be courteous and respectful of patient privacy.


Complimentary wireless internet access is available throughout Kimmel Pavilion. Follow the directions that appear when you initially try to connect to our network.

Newspaper Delivery

Newspaper delivery is available weekdays 7:00AM to 1:00PM and weekends 10:00AM to 1:30PM. If you would like to purchase a newspaper, please contact guest services at extension 3-2902.

Beauty and Barber Services

To have a beautician or barber come to your room, please contact guest services at extension 3-2092. Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Cash payment can be made directly to the beautician or barber at the time of service. Insurance plans do not pay for these services, and they cannot be added to your hospital bill.

Notary Public

Notary services are available upon request. For information or assistance, please contact patient relations at extension 3-6906.

Healthcare Proxy

For assistance with advance directives, please contact patient relations at extension 3-6906.