Smilow Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation Tobacco Cessation Program

The Tobacco Cessation Program at Rusk Rehabilitation’s Joan and Joel Smilow Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Center offers individual and group smoking cessation programs. Both programs begin with a smoking cessation evaluation to assess smoking behavior, history of prior quitting attempts, and current readiness to quit. 

Initial meetings help participants understand the effects of nicotine and learn to monitor the situations, emotions, and cognitive processes that trigger the urge to smoke. Nicotine replacement and approved medications can be prescribed to help prevent the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. During subsequent sessions, you learn the cognitive and behavioral skills that can help you quit for long-term success. 

Cigarette smoking is a significant risk factor for numerous health problems, most notably lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Smoking has also been demonstrated to speed the progression of these and other diseases. Many smokers become frustrated after trying to quit on their own and failing. With a comprehensive program and a team of experts guiding you, it is possible to quit smoking when it is approached as not just a nicotine addiction, but also a complex pattern of habitual behaviors.

The program costs vary. Contact Nora Hunt at 646-501-7783 for more information and to schedule an appointment.