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Robotic Heart Valve Surgery

At NYU Langone, our cardiac surgeons have performed nearly 1,000 robotic-assisted mitral valve repair procedures since 2011, making us leaders in the use of robotic surgical techniques to treat mitral valve disease.

VIDEO: Robotic mitral valve repair

A robotic-assisted surgical approach for valve repair is a form of minimally invasive heart valve surgery. Surgeons access the heart valve by making five small incisions, each no wider than a pencil, between the ribs and through the right chest wall. This approach results in less blood loss, a lower rate of infection, less scarring, and less pain after the procedure, all of which lead to a shorter length of stay in the hospital and faster recovery than a traditional open surgical approach.

Using the small incisions, your surgeon places robotic tools and a camera that provides three-dimensional, high-definition views of the anatomy of your heart valve. This up-close view creates detailed images that allow your doctor to determine the best surgical technique for your particular mitral valve repair. The tools used by robotic surgeons have a greater range of motion than the human hand, allowing for more intricate surgical movements. This increases the precision of the valve repair technique.

Robotic-assisted surgery is often recommended for people who are young, active, and need a short recovery time so they can quickly return to their normal activities. It is also recommended for complex valve repairs that might otherwise result in open heart surgery. We also use robotic techniques to perform tricuspid valve repair.

Your doctor helps determine the best surgical approach for you.