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Robotic Mitral Valve Repair for Mitral Valve Disease

NYU Langone is one of the few medical centers in the country to offer robotic mitral valve repair. Our surgeons are pioneers in the field, and have performed nearly 1,000 robotic mitral valve repairs. 

VIDEO: NYU Langone cardiac surgeons use robotic techniques to treat mitral valve disease.

Using robotic instruments, surgeons can make precise movements inside the heart in a range of motion the human hand isn’t capable of performing. During robotic surgery, a small camera provides surgeons with three-dimensional, magnified, high-definition views of the mitral valve.

Robotic cardiac procedures are performed through five pencil-sized incisions made between the ribs through the right chest wall. These robotic procedures require general anesthesia and the use of a heart–lung machine to perform the work of those organs during the surgery.

VIDEO: When Jay Potter was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, he went to Dr. Didier Loulmet for minimally invasive robotic heart surgery.

Robotic mitral valve repair typically involves less blood loss, less postoperative pain, and less chance of infection, and it requires a shorter recovery time than traditional open heart surgery, also known as sternotomy. Most people require a three- to five-day stay in the hospital, as well as a few weeks of recovery at home. 

Our Research and Education in Mitral Valve Disease in Adults

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