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The Center for Patient Safety and Quality, part of the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care, brings together patients, families, and healthcare professionals in the shared goal of delivering the safest, highest quality care for children.

To advance this mission, the Sala Family Advisors work with our safety teams to co-design and implement quality and safety initiatives. Our commitment to working together ensures that improvement and safety at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, whether at a child’s bedside or in a meeting room, is always conducted through a lens of partnership between families and clinicians.

The Center for Patient Safety and Quality brings expertise and resources to the quality and safety programs at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, which include the following:

  • transformation to become a high-reliability organization (HRO)
  • implementation of a broad portfolio of safety and quality improvement initiatives, including elimination of hospital-acquired conditions
  • partnering with patients and families as essential allies in the delivery of safe, high-quality care

Becoming a High-Reliability Organization

Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital was an early participant in NYU Langone’s efforts to become an HRO, defined as a healthcare organization that prioritizes safety over other performance pressures.

A foundational tool developed from our HRO work, and which advances our culture of child- and family-centered care, is the learning board. The learning board is a digital or analog white board used to visually display key processes, measures, and improvement tests at the unit level. This tool can be found on inpatient care units at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

Using learning boards, we integrate new and existing initiatives, drive frontline staff engagement in improvement and safety work, and continually educate and reinforce the principles of improvement and safety science.

Weekly interdisciplinary learning board huddles are led by leaders from each unit to facilitate discussion on the following topics:

  • safety events in the form of safety stories
  • improvement initiatives, including review of the aims, interpretation of data, review of safety behaviors key to our success, and identification of interventions to be tested
  • opportunities to support patient and family engagement in safety and quality
  • staff recognition

The following tools have aided in the success of the learning boards:

Participation in National Improvement Collaboratives

Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital participates in several national collaboratives as a way to accelerate continued improvement in our delivery of high-quality and safe care. With this participation comes implementation of best practice standards.

To support this work, the Center for Patient Safety and Quality brings together health professionals, patients, and families to design tools and resources to support the adoption of best practices. Examples include the following:

Ensuring Family Engagement in Safety

We are committed to ensuring that families participate in our efforts to keep children safe. Our engagement with families occurs across our continuum of quality and safety committees, with the ultimate goal of engaging families in the moment of care.

The Center for Patient Safety and Quality supports this mission by mentoring family advisors on improvement teams and in the co-design of resources to support engaging families at the bedside.

To advance our pursuit of reliable and effective family engagement in safety, we worked with family advisors and clinicians to create a framework depicted in our Key Driver Diagram, to organize our efforts and track our progress.

The resources and initiatives highlighted above are some of the many Sala Institute–supported interventions that can be found in our Key Driver Diagram.

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