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Meet Our Team

The knowledgeable and skilled professionals at NYU Langone’s Cochlear Implant Center are able to apply their expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of hearing loss. 

Our team includes:

Co-Directors of the Cochlear Implant Center

Cochlear Implant Surgeons

Cochlear Implant Audiologists 

  • William Shapiro, AuD, Supervisor
  • Betsy Bromberg, MA
  • Janet Green, AuD
  • Laurel Mahoney, AuD
  • Alison Singleton-Rigby, AuD
  • Kaitlyn Coscione-Tona, AuD

Cochlear Implant Center Educational Coordinator

  • Rose Drous, MEd, Cert AVT

Speech Pathologists at the Cochlear Implant Center

  • Sara Toline, MA-CCC SLP

Cochlear Implant Researchers

  • Mario Svirsky, PhD
  • Susan Waltzman, PhD
  • David Landsberger, PhD
  • Arlene Neuman, PhD
  • Robert Froemke, PhD
  • Elad Sagi, PhD
  • Mahan Azadpour, PhD
  • Monica Padilla-Velez, PhD
  • Annette Zeman, AuD
  • Natalia Stupak, PhD
  • Anne Todd, PhD
  • Jonathan Neukam, AuD