Stress, Trauma & Resilience Treatment Service

The Stress, Trauma, and Resilience Service helps children and families in need of a new start after stressful or traumatic life experiences.

Children can experience many different forms of traumatic stress. Serious accidents or injuries, medical illnesses and surgical interventions, loss of a loved one, traumatic separations, bullying, family violence, abuse and neglect, violent crime, exposure to community violence, terrorist events, war, or natural disasters can all be very difficult for children and families to handle emotionally.

Dr. Rebecca R. Berry Talks To Patient

Dr. Rebecca R. Berry helps children and adolescents work through stressful and traumatic experiences.

The Child Study Center team, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, is a highly trained group of mental health specialists who get to know your child, identify his or her emotional or behavioral difficulties, and provide the necessary treatment.

Treatment for Trauma

Our team relies on the latest research to identify your child’s needs and pinpoint a treatment that is best suited to his or her experience.

Treatments we provide include the following:

  • child–parent psychotherapy
  • trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy
  • trauma-informed parent–child interaction therapy
  • trauma systems therapy
  • narrative trauma therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • prolonged exposure therapy
  • video feedback–based approaches
  • psychoeducation, support, and mentalization-based groups when indicated

We also help to reduce the trauma-associated stress symptoms that your child may be experiencing through mind–body techniques such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, grounding, and visualization. Medication, when appropriate, is also a possible treatment option. In addition, our team can provide advice on arts and movement therapies available in the community.

Community Crisis Response Team

Our Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT), made up of Child Study Center experts, is available to serve as mental health first responders for local schools, daycare centers, and preschool programs, as well as other community agencies and groups in times of crisis or natural disaster. Our CCRT develops a focused plan that takes into account the specific characteristics of the event, its context, and surrounding culture. We identify the community’s needs, educate personnel, provide emotional support, and promote healing and the reduction of traumatic stress.

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