Institute for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity & Behavior Disorders

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that often leads to poor academic and work performance and troubled relationships with peers and adults. Our experts at the Institute for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Behavior Disorders of the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, help parents understand their child's behavior and difficulties, as well as provide specific treatment recommendations.

Many children and adolescents with ADHD struggle in school. Our neuropsychology and learning specialists are available for consultation and testing, and to work with school personnel to ensure that your child's learning potential is maximized.

Dr. Timothy Verduin and Patient at the Child Study Center

Dr. Timothy Verduin meets with a child and his parent at the Child Study Center.

We also provide the following specialized treatment programs.

Organizational Skills Training

At the Child Study Center, a team of clinical researchers worked for more than 12 years to understand and address deficits in organization, time management, and planning in children with ADHD. This has resulted in the development of a unique program of organizational-skills training to help improve the home and school lives of children with ADHD. 

Parents and teachers receive guidance in behavior modification, and children are provided with direct instruction and skills practice during individual sessions with trained and supervised clinicians. This treatment is available for children and adolescents. 

We also provide a group format for college students and adults who have deficits in organizational skills and time management.

Parent–Child Interaction Therapy

Parent–child interaction therapy (PCIT) is used with children ages two to seven to improve the parent–child relationship. The goal is to increase positive feelings between parents and children, improve child behavior, and empower parents to use consistent, predictable, and effective parenting strategies. 

This form of therapy is behaviorally based and designed to help change problematic and disruptive behaviors.

Parent Management Training and Collaborative Family Sessions

We offer a variety of proven behavioral parent training services. Parents of children with less-pronounced behavioral issues may benefit from briefer, targeted parenting consultations. Older children or teens and their parents often benefit from family sessions where rules, responsibilities, privileges, and consequences are established collaboratively.

Behavioral School Consultation

We conduct school observations and collaborate with educators to design and implement behavior management programs in school settings. When needed and whenever possible, our clinicians work directly with schools to facilitate positive teacher-student interactions. This work frequently involves training teachers, aides, and paraprofessionals in effective behavior management tools and techniques. 

We regularly collaborate with educational teams to obtain appropriate accommodations for the children we service, including Individualized Education Programs and 504 Plans for children with disabilities.

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