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Experts at NYU Langone’s Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain can help you return to your regular activities that have been disrupted by acute or chronic pain. Our mission is to find the most effective combination of treatment options—from acupuncture, to cognitive behavioral techniques, to spinal injections—based on your individual history. 

We’re able to customize an ideal treatment plan for you because our expert team is comprised of physicians from a variety of specialties, such as neurology, anesthesiology, physical medicine, psychiatry, spine and neurosurgery, psychology, and rheumatology. We combine our expertise to more effectively determine an overall approach to your particular pain issue.

We offer outpatient treatment for many different pain-related conditions, and because we’re a teaching and research institution, you also have access to the latest investigational pain medications and techniques, such as using an infusion of the analgesic ketamine to improve chronic nerve pain. 

If you are hospitalized for other conditions that may present complex pain problems, such as cancer, or are undergoing surgery, our inpatient pain-care team offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to safely and effectively deliver postoperative treatment and pain relief, using tools such as epidurals and patient-controlled analgesics. 

This service ensures that you experience maximum comfort to help you to recover faster with fewer complications. Research has proven that patients are able to function more efficiently and are better able to participate in recommended rehabilitation programs when their pain is controlled.

What sets our comprehensive, patient-centered care program apart is its staff. A variety of pain medicine consultants are readily available to help you manage your individual pain problems using the best and latest standards of care, such as spinal cord stimulators to block pain signals in your nerves if you have not found relief with other methods.

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Center for the Study & Treatment of Pain—NYU Langone Orthopedic Center

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Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health

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