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Recovery & Support for Ulnar Nerve Compression

Whether you’ve had surgery or another type of treatment, it’s possible to make a full recovery from ulnar nerve compression.

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General Recovery

Physical and occupational therapy may be prescribed during recovery from surgery. Physical therapy involves exercises and stretches to strengthen the affected hand, elbow, and arm. These exercises also improve mobility and prevent arm muscles from losing strength.

Occupational therapy helps you adapt your work and home environments to better manage your condition. Making small changes in your daily habits—such as correcting your posture while driving or modifying your golf swing—can prevent ulnar nerve compression from recurring.

Physical and occupational therapy are provided on an outpatient basis at NYU Langone. Our certified hand therapists are highly specialized in treating people with hand, elbow, and wrist conditions. A certified hand therapist is a physical or occupational therapist that has at least five years of experience and has completed specific additional training and certification in hand therapy.

Our therapists can work with you and your doctor to create an individualized recovery plan, with the goal of regaining your prior level of function.

Recovery from Surgery

After surgery, people who work at a job requiring physical activity should use the affected arm or elbow only for occasional work during the first few weeks after the procedure. People who work in an office can typically return to work a day or two after surgery.

Your surgeon may schedule a follow-up appointment about six to eight weeks after the procedure. By that time, most people have no restrictions on the use of their arm. You can expect to visit your surgeon for periodic checkups over the next three to four months to ensure your condition is continuing to improve.

Physical therapy is often prescribed as a recovery option after surgery. The length of therapy is determined by your doctor and depends on the severity of your symptoms.

Our Research and Education in Ulnar Nerve Compression

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