Watchful Waiting for Thyroid Nodules

If a fine needle aspiration indicates that you have a benign nodule or one that is low risk based on genetic testingā€”and you have no symptoms such as neck swelling or painā€”your NYU Langone doctor may recommend watchful waiting, also called active surveillance. This involves monitoring the growth without treating it.

During watchful waiting, you may see your NYU Langone doctor every 6 to 12 months. Appointments may involve a physical exam, an ultrasound to ensure the nodule isnā€™t enlarging or developing suspicious features, fine needle aspiration, and blood tests.

If the nodule appears to be growing or has developed features that indicate it may be cancerous, your doctor recommends the appropriate treatment.

If the nodule is causing the thyroid to produce high levels of thyroxine and you develop hyperthyroidism, your doctor creates a treatment plan for you.