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Our Approach to Treating

Plantar Fasciitis

NYU Langone doctors offer comprehensive, personalized, and advanced treatment programs for plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain.

Plantar fasciitis arises in a fibrous band of tissue called the plantar fascia. This supportive connective tissue runs along the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. Too much pressure and stress on the plantar fascia can cause microtears and inflammation, leading to pain and stiffness near the heel. If left untreated, the condition can lead to chronic pain.

Our specialists, including those at the NYU Langone Orthopedic Center and the Sports Medicine Center, offer a full range of nonsurgical treatments for plantar fasciitis. If these approaches do not provide symptom relief, our highly trained orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists can perform surgery to treat plantar fasciitis. Our doctors work with rehabilitation specialists at NYU Langone Orthopedic Center to create a physical therapy plan to help with postsurgical recovery.

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Most people experience improvement in symptoms from nonsurgical therapies, including physical therapy, stretching exercises, and orthotics. If pain persists, doctors may also suggest injection therapy or shock wave therapy to assist in the healing process. Those who continue to have symptoms may consider surgical procedures that reduce tension in the plantar fascia.

Our Research and Education in Plantar Fasciitis

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