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Support for Peripheral Neuropathy

NYU Langone physicians offer a variety of support services to help you manage the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy for the long term.

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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Most people with chronic peripheral neuropathy need ongoing care to manage their symptoms. NYU Langone doctors help people with peripheral neuropathy manage symptoms such as numbness, muscle weakness, and pain through a variety of treatments, physical and occupational therapy—which can help people maintain muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility—and regular follow-up visits. 

Avoiding prolonged pressure on susceptible areas of the body, such as the arms and legs, and wearing splints may be recommended to reduce pressure on a nerve. Braces and devices can help with walking if you feel weak.

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products constricts blood vessels and may increase the risk of peripheral neuropathy in the feet. Because people with neuropathy are already prone to decreased circulation in the feet, doctors strongly urge people with neuropathy to quit smoking. 

Our doctors and therapists offer ways to help you quit through NYU Langone’s Tobacco Cessation Programs.

Clinical Trials

People with peripheral neuropathy may benefit from participating in clinical trials, in which new medications, medical devices, or other treatments are evaluated in scientifically controlled settings. These studies are required for new therapies to receive approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

NYU Langone doctors maintain an active research program dedicated to investigating new diagnostic methods and drugs that could prove helpful for treating peripheral neuropathy. You and your doctor can discuss whether a clinical trial is right for you.

Our Research and Education in Peripheral Neuropathy

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.