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Recovery & Support for Nonhealing Fractures

Doctors at NYU Langone’s Bone Healing Center manage nonhealing fractures, which may take months or years to fully heal. In addition, our experts in orthopedics, nutrition, radiology, and pain management provide care after treatment has ended to help ensure the bone remains healthy.

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In the rare instance that a nonhealing fracture cannot be fixed, our doctors monitor the affected bone or bones and provide prompt treatment if an infection or other complication arises.

Follow-Up Imaging Tests

Your doctor may recommend periodic follow-up appointments, which include X-rays or other imaging tests. These tests create detailed images of the fractured bone that doctors use to monitor the progress of healing.

Follow-up imaging tests may be recommended if you received nonsurgical treatment or had surgery to stabilize the fractured bone. These regular visits allow your doctor to assess how well treatment is working and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Pain Relief

If a nonhealing fracture does not respond to treatment, you may experience long-term pain at the site of the fracture. The severity varies, depending on the extent and location of the fracture.

If pain interferes with your ability to participate in everyday activities, such as work or school, your doctor may prescribe medication to help you feel more comfortable. Some types of potent pain medications have side effects, such as upset stomach or dependency, so your doctor checks in with you regularly to ensure that you can tolerate these medications.

Tobacco Cessation

Research shows that smoking tobacco slows the rate at which bones heal. Our doctors understand how hard it is to quit. Specialists at the NYU Langone’s Tobacco Cessation Programs can help you stop smoking.

Our Research and Education in Nonhealing Fractures

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