Recovery & Support for Mood Disorders in Children

Mood disorders can become a chronic condition if the child or adolescent does not receive proper treatment. At the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, the duration of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the disorder.

Our specialists offer follow-up care. We also offer child and family support services and resilience programs, provided by Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care.

Medication Management

For children with mild depression, cognitive behavioral therapy is often the first treatment offered. For those with moderate and severe depression, your child’s psychiatrists may prescribe an antidepressant medication in addition to therapy. Moderate and severe depression are often well managed with a combination of behavioral therapy and antidepressant medication.

Medication plays a central role in the treatment of children or adolescents with bipolar disorder. Multiple medications may be necessary, so close monitoring by a child psychiatrist is essential to adjust the treatment as needed.

Medication and behavioral therapy may be helpful in the treatment of children or adolescents with disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Your child’s doctor works with you to find the right combination of treatments for your child.

Parent Workshops

The Child Study Center offers free educational workshops for parents to provide more information about mood disorders. Workshops offer guidance on how to differentiate typical teen moodiness, for example, from depression. Our specialists also provide strategies for how to help your teenager manage sadness, moodiness, and irritability, and how to respond appropriately to disruptive behavior.

Resources for Mood Disorders in Children
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