Therapy Services for Learning Disorders in Children

Children with a single type of learning disorder, such as a reading disorder or a disorder of written expression, may not need an individualized education program (IEP). Instead, they may benefit from targeted therapy services for a limited number of sessions or time.

For instance, a child with a reading disorder may need to work with speech and language therapists who can offer strategies to learn how to decode words and sentences more easily. Children with challenges in gross motor skills—those involving use of the large muscles, as in walking or crawling, for example—may benefit from physical therapy to improve balance, coordination, and strength.

Occupational therapy may be recommended to improve handwriting and other tasks involving fine motor skills. Struggling writers may need instruction from a learning specialist who can offer tips on how to develop clear sentences and organize paragraphs. Children with a math disorder may develop math fluency by working with a math specialist. Psychologists at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone can also address the emotional aspects of coping with a learning disorder.

Our neuropsychologists and psychologists identify the therapies that can benefit your child and make referrals to specialists, such as physical and occupational therapists and psychologists, or appropriate providers in your community.

Resources for Learning Disorders in Children
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