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Recovery & Support for Kidney Stones

At NYU Langone, our specialists offer support services after treatment for kidney stones to help prevent the stones from returning. Depending on your treatment, your doctor may meet with you for one or more follow-up examinations. Additionally, your doctor may want to screen you for recurrent kidney stones using imaging and routine urine and blood tests.

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A dietitian or nutritionist can customize a diet plan to help prevent the return of kidney stones. If you have other dietary concerns or preferences, such as restrictions for religious or other medical reasons, NYU Langone dietitians can help you to create a diet that best suits your needs.

Following a healthy diet and staying properly hydrated are the first steps toward preventing the formation of new kidney stones. Our doctors and nutritionists are available to answer any questions you may have throughout the treatment and recovery process.

Our Research and Education in Kidney Stones

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