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What Sets Us Apart 

At NYU Langone’s Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, our radiologists, urologic oncologists, and medical oncologists have developed a team approach to diagnosing and treating kidney cancer.

NYU Langone physicians are at the forefront of kidney cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our radiologists use sophisticated imaging techniques, including special MRI scans, to detect kidney cancer. Our urologic oncologists have not only pioneered many of the surgical treatments for kidney cancer, but also use the most advanced technology, such as robotic-assisted surgery, to treat this condition. To date, physicians at NYU Langone have taught these techniques to more than 1,000 urologists from around the world.


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NYU Langone surgeons helped to develop a procedure in which a portion of the kidney, rather than the entire organ, is removed. More then 80 percent of people who come to NYU Langone for kidney cancer are offered this organ-sparing approach.

Advanced robotic-assisted surgical techniques are often used to perform this and other kidney cancer procedures. Our Robotic Surgery Center performs more minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgeries for kidney cancer than any other center in the New York area.

NYU Langone medical oncologists provide individual treatment plans for people at high risk of having kidney cancer return after surgery, and for cancer that has spread beyond the kidneys. NYU Langone is one of the only medical centers in New York to offer a high-dose medication, called interleukin 2, that boosts the immune system. This is the only treatment known to lead to remission—when all signs of cancer disappear for months or years—in kidney cancer that has spread.

Treatment at NYU Langone

People from all over the world travel to NYU Langone to be treated for kidney cancer. Access to our entire kidney cancer team ensures you receive personalized treatment to control the cancer, while preserving kidney function.

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