Recovery & Support for Glomerulonephritis in Children

Children who develop acute glomerulonephritis after a bacterial infection often recover completely. But others—especially those with chronic glomerulonephritis caused by an autoimmune condition—may need ongoing treatment and support.

Specialists at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone develop an individualized follow-up plan for your child, depending on the treatments he or she is receiving and the severity of the condition.

Our doctors also help children and their families cope with ongoing treatment for kidney problems. Our child and family support services and resilience programs are provided by Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care.


Aerobic exercise, such as walking and biking, is often recommended to help control blood pressure in children with kidney conditions and to restore mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness in those who have been treated in the hospital.

Exercise can also help prevent excessive weight gain in children who take corticosteroids to reduce kidney inflammation. Our doctors can refer you to a physical therapist at Rusk Rehabilitation, who can develop an exercise program to improve your child’s fitness level and quality of life.

Preventing Infections

Immunosuppressive medications, which are often used to treat children with glomerulonephritis caused by autoimmune conditions, can increase your child’s risk of viral and bacterial infections. Our doctors recommend keeping your child’s vaccination schedule up to date to avoid or prevent infections. They also advise frequent hand washing to reduce the risk of infections.

Insurance Support

Medication and other treatments for glomerulonephritis can be expensive. Our social workers can help families determine which treatments are covered by insurance. They can also offer advice about other options to help ensure that your child receives the treatment he or she needs to restore kidney function and prevent complications.

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