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Erectile Dysfunction Recovery & Support

At NYU Langone, our specialists monitor the effectiveness of erectile dysfunction medications, devices, and surgical procedures by asking you to follow up annually with your doctor. If heart-related conditions were found to be the reason for the erectile dysfunction, your urologist continues to work with your primary care doctor or cardiologist to customize your erectile dysfunction care, so that your cardiovascular needs are also considered.

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Surgical Recovery

Most surgeries for erectile dysfunction require four weeks of recuperation time, and men are asked to refrain from sexual activity for at least six weeks after the procedure. Your doctor can advise you of any postoperative limitations, such as refraining from exercise. 


If you are interested in holistic therapy to complement your medical and surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, your doctor can refer you to our licensed acupuncturist, who can help to alleviate symptoms. 

In acupuncture, it’s believed that energy pathways running throughout the body become unbalanced. Inserting fine needles into pressure points throughout the body is thought to regulate the flow of energy, thereby treating the symptoms of some health conditions. An acupuncturist targets pressure points associated with erectile dysfunction, which are most often found in the abdomen. 


NYU Langone doctors understand that erectile dysfunction can make a man feel anxious or embarrassed. If your doctor thinks you may benefit from talking to our psychologists, he or she may refer you for psychotherapy, which can help you to address your concerns and regain your self-esteem and sense of well-being. These concerns can include performance anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem. Your sexual partner may be asked to join you in therapy to address any concerns you both may have about the effects of erectile dysfunction on intimacy.

Erectile Dysfunction and Your Heart

Research indicates that erectile dysfunction can be an “early warning system” for cardiovascular disease. This is because the penile arteries are about one-sixth the size of the heart’s blood vessels, so they tend to be affected by problems with blood flow sooner.

Prescription medication for erectile dysfunction can cause a drop in blood pressure and should be used with caution in men with cardiovascular disease. Should a drop in blood pressure occur, our urologists can work with your primary care doctor or cardiologist to ensure that you receive the appropriate care and treatment.

At NYU Langone, our doctors are at the forefront of research and treatments for erectile dysfunction. They are committed to working with each man who is experiencing erectile dysfunction for as long as it takes to regain quality of life.

Our Research and Education in Erectile Dysfunction

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