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Recovery & Support for Dry Eye Syndrome

After establishing which dry eye syndrome treatment is best for you, NYU Langone ophthalmologists continue to monitor your eye health and help prevent a return of symptoms. The most important way to do this is by ensuring that you follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor. This helps you to prevent damage to the epithelial layer, the protective layer that keeps irritants from entering the eye. This common complication of dry eye syndrome can cause scarring of the cornea, which can affect your vision permanently. 

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Although some people manage mild dry eye syndrome with lifestyle modifications alone, others may find that their eyes become drier over the years, and techniques that used to provide relief are no longer effective. Regular follow-up appointments with your eye doctor are important for monitoring any changes in your symptoms and offering new treatment options, as needed.

Sometimes, there may be no single treatment that completely manages the condition. Your NYU Langone doctor can work with you to find the correct combination of therapies that best suits your specific dry eye symptoms.

Our Research and Education in Dry Eye Syndrome

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