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Recovery & Support for Bradycardia

At NYU Langone, our heart rhythm specialists provide ongoing care, including pacemaker management, for people receiving treatment for bradycardia.

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Cardiac Device Management

Our team of cardiac device management experts provide remote monitoring of pacemakers used to manage bradycardia. Monitoring occurs at our Heart Rhythm Center, where data that have been transmitted remotely from the device are reviewed each business day morning. This is not an emergency system, and you are advised to call your doctor or visit the nearest emergency department if you experience any symptoms, such as dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath.

The Heart Rhythm Center is a leading area referral center for the implantation of cardiac devices, including pacemakers. If the leads of these devices become damaged or cause scar tissue or an infection, our doctors are experts in cardiac device lead removal using advanced imaging technology.

Psychological Services

At NYU Langone, our doctors understand that managing an arrhythmia or a cardiac device, such as a pacemaker, may cause anxiety and depression. Your doctor can refer you to a psychologist or social worker for individual or group therapy to help you cope.

Stress Management

Reducing stress can improve the health of your heart. Stress management may include acupuncture, guided meditation, hypnosis, massage therapy, and yoga, which are provided through our integrative health services.

Our Research and Education in Bradycardia

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.