Medication for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

Many children with autism spectrum disorder have conditions such as anxiety, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They may also have symptoms that interfere with their ability to benefit from behavioral therapy. These symptoms can include oppositional, impulsive, aggressive, and self-injurious behavior.

Research shows that medications can often help to reduce these distressing symptoms. As part of their team approach to treatment, specialists at the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hosptial at NYU Langone, can meet with you and your family to discuss medication treatment options.

Our child and adolescent psychiatrists monitor your child’s use of medication to treat symptoms of any mental health condition he or she may have. They work with you and your child to ensure proper dosing and use.

Our doctors recognize that what works for one child may not work for another, so our specialists carefully consider feedback and concerns from parents. This helps the doctors to determine which medication best suits your child.