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Recovery & Support for Atypical Facial Pain

Treatment with medication can reduce the symptoms of atypical facial pain. Some people may need to continue taking medications for a prolonged period of time. Your doctor works with you to eventually lessen your need for medication while maintaining a pain-free life. Because pain symptoms may return and flare up occasionally, your medications or dosages may need to be readjusted from time to time.

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The facial pain specialists at NYU Langone help you to manage your pain and fine-tune the medication dosage to ensure you live with as little pain as possible. Several follow-up appointments are scheduled with your care team to ensure that your symptoms are improving.

Psychological counseling can also be helpful to address the daily challenge of living with a chronic condition. NYU Langone is home to licensed psychologists who specialize in pain management. Our psychologists can teach you coping techniques for living with a chronic condition, such as relaxation training. They can also offer an appropriate treatment approach, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to those in need of additional support.

Our Research and Education in Atypical Facial Pain

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