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Sports Medicine Injuries We Treat

Doctors at our Sports Medicine Center are dedicated to treating orthopedic injuries of all types, with a special focus on the knee and shoulder.

Knee Injuries We Treat

Your knee supports up to seven times your body’s weight, so it’s highly vulnerable to injury—whether it’s from a direct hit while playing contact sports, the stress of repeatedly going up and down the stairs, or the effects of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Ramesh Gidumal with Patient

Dr. Ramesh Gidumal and other orthopedic surgeons treat people with various musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, including those that affect the knee.

We provide treatment for injuries and conditions that affect the knee, including the following:

Shoulder, Elbow, and Arm Injuries We Treat

Injuries to ligaments, muscles, and tendons that make up the shoulder can limit your ability to move and lift your arms, and can also cause chronic pain.

We offer treatment for injuries and conditions that specifically affect the shoulder and arm, including the following:

Other Injuries We Treat

Often, activities that require the same motion over and over, such as long-distance running, can lead to injury. These types of conditions can affect various parts of the body, including the calf, elbow, groin, hamstring, or quadriceps.

“I was barely able to walk because of compartment syndrome and a torn Achilles tendon. After surgery, I am back in the gym exercising again.”

—James, Age 52; Read All Sports Medicine Patient Stories

Patient with Dr. Laith M. Jazrawi

After a meniscus repair, James is walking limp-free and exercising on a stationary bike.

Some of the repetitive-use conditions we treat include the following:

We also provide treatment for injuries and conditions that specifically affect the hips, shins, and feet and ankles, including hip labral tears, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

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