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Our Team Approach to Robotic Surgery

NYU Langone’s medical support staff is specially trained in assisting with robotic procedures at the Robotic Surgery Center. These operating room nurses, physician assistants, and surgical technicians are present at all times during every robotic procedure we perform.

Our surgical support staff has received specialized education in the set-up and operation of our surgical systems, and they work with our surgeons on a daily basis. They also receive periodic training sessions, including training on any equipment or instrument that has been newly adapted for robotic-assisted surgeries.

Specialist Uses Robotic Surgery Equipment

In addition, our physician assistants use their extensive medical and surgical experience to ensure efficiency and safety during procedures and throughout pre- and postoperative care. Our physician assistant coordinator, Suzannah Sorin, PA-C, MPAS, has been working with the Robotic Surgery Center since its establishment. She has participated in more than 1,500 robotic surgeries in various specialties at NYU Langone and assists in teaching robotic surgery to NYU Grossman School of Medicine residents.

Our team of highly experienced anesthesiologists have perfected specialized anesthesia techniques for robotic-assisted surgeries. These include improved patient positioning to prevent complications, maximizing lung function during surgery, and techniques to minimize pain after surgery.