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Experts at NYU Langone’s Gout Treatment Center specialize in diagnosing and treating both simple and complex cases of gout. Our doctors also help people manage other forms of crystal-induced arthritis, such as calcium pyrophosphate arthritis, which is also known as pseudogout. Our mission is to help people with gout and related conditions live pain-free, healthy lives.


U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” ranks NYU Langone among the top 10 hospitals in the nation for rheumatology.

Gout is a form of arthritis in which microscopic crystals of uric acid—a normal waste product in the blood—build up in the joints, causing inflammation. This leads to painful, intermittent attacks that can last for days, weeks, or even months.

In some cases, the crystals combine into lumps called tophi, which can be large, chronically painful, and cause permanent damage to bone. People with gout commonly experience other health conditions—including hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiac disease—that may be directly related to gout.

Gout is a chronic metabolic disease that is usually readily treatable but typically requires long-term management. Genetics are the primary risk factor, but diet and associated medical conditions may also increase risk.

Treatment for Gout

At NYU Langone’s Gout Treatment Center, we prescribe medications to treat acute attacks, prevent future attacks, and decrease the risk of long-term problems. We use the most sophisticated diagnostic and imaging tests to determine the severity of the condition and offer the most advanced treatments available, including medications to reduce pain and inflammation as well as guidance about lifestyle and dietary changes to ease symptoms. In addition, our experts conduct clinical trials that provide access to investigational treatments for people with gout and related conditions.

We also provide a variety of support services, including guidance about exercise, physical therapy, and pain management.

Our Team

Our rheumatologists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of gout and other related conditions.