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Conditions We Treat at the Fetal Diagnosis & Treatment Program

There are many conditions that can affect your baby before birth, and the medical team at NYU Langone’s Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Program has the skill and experience to provide the expert care you are looking for.

The conditions we treat include the following.

Twin Pregnancies

  • twin–twin transfusion syndrome
  • twin anemia–polycythemia sequence
  • twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence
  • intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) or demise of one twin
  • mono-amniotic twins
  • conjoined twins

Respiratory Conditions

  • congenital airway abnormalities, including congenital high airway obstruction syndrome
  • congenital diaphragmatic hernia
  • congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM/CCAM)
  • bronchopulmonary sequestration

Cardiovascular Disorders

Abdominal Wall Disorders

  • gastroschisis
  • omphalocele
  • ectopia cordis
  • bladder or cloacal exstrophy

Intestinal Conditions

  • dilated or echogenic bowel
  • intestinal atresia, including duodenal atresia and jejunoileal atresia
  • intra-abdominal calcifications
  • anorectal malformations, including imperforate anus
  • enteric duplication cyst
  • other intra-abdominal cysts, including choledochal and ovarian

Genitourinary Tract Disorders

  • congenital kidney and urinary tract problems, including hydronephrosis, urinary tract dilation, multicystic dysplastic kidney, polycystic kidney disease, and renal agenesis
  • bladder outlet obstruction
  • persistent cloaca and ambiguous genitalia

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Craniofacial and Neck Conditions

  • cleft lip and cleft palate
  • macroglossia or micrognathia
  • lymphatic malformations (cystic hygroma)

Nervous System Conditions

  • open neural tube defect, including myelomeningocele
  • ventriculomegaly and hydrocephalus
  • agenesis of the corpus callosum
  • holoprosencephaly
  • microcephaly and macrocephaly
  • Dandy Walker malformation and variants
  • craniosynostosis
  • intracranial hemorrhage or calcification


Congenital Fetal Infections

  • cytomegalovirus
  • toxoplasmosis
  • parvovirus

Our experts also treat fetal chromosome abnormalities or genetic syndrome, fetal metabolic disease, and pregnancy alloimmunization, including red blood cell or platelet.

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