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Concussion Center Rehabilitation Services

Many rehabilitation services are available at our 4,000-square-foot Concussion Center, a unique space in New York City that brings together multiple specialists to ensure you receive comprehensive care for your injury. We also provide concussion care on Long Island and in Brooklyn.

Our space was designed for people who’ve had concussions: Lighting is dim, colors are tranquil, and there are no televisions or other distractions that could be uncomfortable for someone recovering from a concussion.

The Concussion Center is staffed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, and speech–language pathologists who specialize in concussion treatment. We provide vision rehabilitation to improve visual, perceptual, and motor skills, such as reading, writing, computer use, and other work- and school-related activities. Vocational therapy is also available to help people return to the workplace after a concussion.

We also offer general orthopedic physical therapy for musculoskeletal injuries related to concussion, vestibular rehabilitation to maximize the body’s natural ability to compensate for symptoms of dizziness and balance disorders, and an exertional therapy program to help you return to sports and activity.

Problems with understanding or producing written and verbal language are addressed as well. Our speech–language pathologists provide therapies that maximize memory and attention skills and aid in the understanding of language. The goal is to help people reclaim their independence by teaching strategies that can be used at home, work, and in school.

In addition, we offer neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology services, including cognitive and psychological assessment, cognitive remediation, and individual and group psychological interventions.