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Center for Amputation Reconstruction

We have locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester County.

At NYU Langone’s Center for Amputation Reconstruction, our experts provide specialized care for people with limb loss. Our surgeons partner with occupational therapists, prosthetists, and mental health professionals to help you achieve the maximum level of movement and function after amputation. We recognize that limb loss not only affects physical functioning, but also psychological and emotional wellbeing. We bring together a team that can identify and address any barriers to regaining mobility and independence. Our mission is to empower you to more seamlessly engage in your activities and move through everyday life.

VIDEO: Meet the multidisciplinary care team at NYU Langone’s Center for Amputation Reconstruction.

Limb Loss Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation medicine specialists provide care and support as you continue your recovery.

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Our surgeons specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques and prosthetic technologies, and work together with you to understand your goals and attain the best possible outcome. We offer options that help to reduce pain, treat phantom limb sensation, and improve the movement and control of an amputated limb with prosthesis.

These procedures include the following:

  • targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), a surgical procedure that minimizes chronic pain and helps with prosthesis control
  • creation of regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces within the amputated limb to stimulate nerves, help manage pain and improve prosthetic function
  • revision surgery of the amputated limb and nerve procedures to ease pain that results from an ill-fitting prosthesis
  • osseointegration, a procedure in which the prosthesis is integrated and permanently implanted into the bone
  • fitting of a myoelectric prosthesis, which uses electrodes to pick up and respond to electrical impulses that are created when muscles are flexed

Our surgeons collaborate with a team that includes on-site occupational therapists and prosthetists to tailor care to your specific needs and priorities. Our prosthetists are highly experienced in providing an array of prosthetic devices for all levels of limb loss and assist in surgical planning to ensure optimal fit, integration, and comfort. Our occupational therapists recognize the roles, activities, and personal experiences that are most meaningful to you in developing a treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Team of Doctors in a Meeting

Our team of experts collaborates to ensure people with limb loss receive the care they need. 

After surgery, we can refer you to Rusk Rehabilitation, where specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, psychology, social work, and vocational rehabilitation provide you with limb loss rehabilitation so you can continue your recovery.

Continuing Medical Education

NYU Langone regularly hosts continuing medical education (CME) events designed to help doctors and other medical professionals develop, maintain, and increase their knowledge and skills.

Our next event, Bionic Reconstruction Conference (BReCON): The Future of Integrated Upper Limb Surgical and Prosthetic Innovation, takes place on November 30, 2023 from 7:00AM to 5:00PM at NYU Langone Health Alumni Hall, 550 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Register for this conference and learn more about all of our CME events.

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For questions about our services call 646-933-3931 or email Elaine Crerar, MS, OTR/L, clinical program manager, at ElaineRoxanne.Crerar@NYULangone.org.

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