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Nancy Sanchez

Executive Vice President and Vice Dean for Human Resources

Nancy Sanchez, executive vice president and vice dean for human resources, is responsible for strategic human resource initiatives, practices, and overall operations that support more than 40,000 faculty, staff, and students across NYU Langone Health. Having started her career in human resources (HR), she has held numerous leadership roles in areas of compensation, benefits, employee and labor relations, recruitment, and training.

Ms. Sanchez developed an early business philosophy: build an effective team with high service expectations and a partnership with all levels in the organization. This has been critical to her goal of designing programs and initiatives that support the growth of those who aspire to assume leadership roles, while also fostering the overall development of faculty and staff.

Among her recent efforts, Ms. Sanchez has led initiatives that support the vision and mission of the health system through automation and redesign of systems and processes to simplify the administration of HR services for faculty and staff, while also ensuring compliance with the exponential increase in external regulations. As the health system continues to expand, she redesigned how HR services are provided to sustain high quality and manage new challenges.

Operating under the belief that the most important and valued resource of the health system is its employees, she and her team continue to focus on talent management strategy, based on a competency model, to foster the development of faculty, staff, and leadership. In partnership with leaders throughout the organization, Ms. Sanchez promotes the continued expansion of career development programs offered to faculty and staff within the newly established NYU Langone Academy, which are both interdisciplinary, as well as focused on specific mission areas.

Representing the “voice of the employee,” she continues to be a strong employee advocate within the organization by building strong relationships at all levels, as well as externally by participating in national employer councils.

Ms. Sanchez holds a master of science from the Baruch/Cornell Program of Industrial and Labor Relations and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hofstra University.