Nader Mherabi

Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, Chief Information Officer

Nader Mherabi, senior vice president and vice dean, chief information officer, is responsible for all information technology (IT) activities for NYU Langone Health. He previously was vice president for IT product solutions and chief technology officer for NYU Langone, responsible for technology strategy, infrastructure engineering, networks, data centers, application architecture, systems deployment and support across the institution.

Mr. Mherabi has designed, developed, and implemented many large-scale diverse systems for NYU Langone and has extensive experience in IT systems development technologies, hospital clinical systems integration, research, and education systems. Mr. Mherabi successfully developed an operational architecture for NYU Langone for in-house application development and integration, an electronic data repository and dashboard and warehouse, research infrastructure for computational and collaboration, and over 40 additional mid-size applications in research, education, and clinical care environments.

During his more than 20 years in the information technology field, Mr. Mherabi has designed, developed and implemented large-scale diverse systems for top Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as Credit Suisse and CitiGroup, and held several prominent IT management positions including senior director at Mount Sinai–NYU Health, vice president at Credit Suisse First Boston, vice president at Citibank, and senior application developer at AT&T and Aurora Consulting.