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Sports Performance Testing & Programs

At the Sports Performance Center at NYU Langone, we offer performance testing and programs to help you maximize your athletic ability, movement efficiency, and musculoskeletal conditioning while reducing the risk of injury. We also offer health and fitness testing and special programs for runners and golfers.

Our performance testing programs provide our experts with the information they need to create your personalized fitness program.

Resting Metabolic Rate

The resting metabolic rate test determines the amount of energy, or calories, your body uses at rest. To determine this measurement, a plastic hood is placed safely on your head and face. This controlled environment allows us to analyze how much oxygen your body uses and how much carbon dioxide your body produces to determine caloric expenditure and energy substrate utilization in a resting state.

We provide a review of your test results and recommendations based on your caloric needs. This service can also complement your treatment plan as part of NYU Langone’s Weight Management Program.

To register, please email

Duration: 45 minutes

Aerobic Capacity Test (VO2max)

The aerobic capacity test (VO2max) measures aerobic capacity. It tells you the maximal rate at which your heart and lungs are able to provide oxygen to exercising muscles, and how much work your muscles are able to do while using that oxygen as the primary energy source.

Exercise Physiologist Heather Milton Performs Aerobic Capacity Test on Runner

The aerobic capacity test is the leading indicator of aerobic fitness and health status. You’ll learn just how efficient you are at using energy supplies for a long run, ride, or swim. You’ll also discover which energy systems you need to work on to improve your performance. This test may be recommended as part of your treatment plan through NYU Langone’s Weight Management Program.

To register, please email

Duration: 60 minutes

Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate threshold testing is for the athlete looking to perfect his or her training. This test determines the point at which your body can no longer supply oxygen for energy. This leads to increased lactate production, the primary marker for fatigue onset. This is used to determine baseline fitness and training zones to improve performance, as well as to track training program effectiveness. To register, please email

Duration: 60 minutes

Anaerobic Power Assessment

The anaerobic power assessment is essential for those wanting to improve or optimize their power and speed. Athletes exert maximal force over a short period of time to assess the body’s ability to generate the power needed for optimal performance in their sport. Testing modality is selected based on the athlete’s sport. To register, please email

Duration: 60 minutes

Sports Performance Evaluation

Sports performance evaluation is designed for athletes of all ages and abilities who want to improve performance and prevent injury. The evaluation is customized to your specific sport and includes the following:

  • baseline measurements, including resting heart rate, body composition, and blood pressure
  • biomechanical video analysis to examine specific characteristics of body mechanics that affect performance and are essential to your sport
  • assessment of strength and flexibility using the sport-specific screens, custom developed for each sport
  • energy system utilization assessments using aerobic or anaerobic capacity tests
  • assessment of lung function using research-grade testing equipment
  • maximal muscular strength and endurance test as applicable to a specific sport

We provide performance evaluation for athletes in all sports, with special expertise in the following:

  • triathlons
  • hockey
  • golf
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • football
  • martial arts
  • skiing and snowboarding
  • tennis

Based on information gathered during the evaluation, our specialists provide training recommendations and techniques to improve performance and prevent potential injuries. To register, please email

Duration: 120 minutes

Return to Sports Evaluation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

This return to sports evaluation is designed for people who are questioning whether they can go back to playing their sport after having anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery and completing rehabilitation.

The comprehensive assessment includes the following:

  • a landing error score system that determines whether athletes show neuromuscular or strength deficits during drop–jump movements
  • a step-down test that determines hip and core stability in single leg movement
  • a hop test that compares stability, strength, and movement control between the right and left legs
  • a modified Bunkie test, a type of functional strength test, that identifies which planes of stability and strength are limited
  • a Biodex isokinetic test that compares muscle strength balance of the right and left legs

After conducting these tests, our specialists identify any risk of increased injury and advise whether athletes are ready to return to their sport. To register, please email

Duration: 120 minutes

Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical analysis simulates movements of your sport to develop a training program to prevent injury and enhance performance. Athletes are filmed using Dartfish Video Motion software to capture joint angles and body kinematics at each phase of movement. Our specialists also perform an FMS™ to identify asymmetries, weakness, and limitations.

Based on results, you are provided with exercise recommendations and techniques to improve performance and prevent potential injuries. To register, please email

Duration: 90 minutes

Biomechanical Analysis Re-Evaluation

Six to eight weeks after completing a biomechanical analysis of an athlete’s performance in a specific sport, we recommend that the athlete return so that we can evaluate progress as performance improves. To register, please email

Duration: 90 minutes

Titleist Evaluation

The Titleist Performance Institute™ (TPI) golf movement screen is a performance-based physical movement screen specifically designed for golfers. Clients are taken through 12 golf-related movement patterns in order to identify faulty stability patterns and altered mobility that may impact the accuracy and efficiency of a golfer’s swing.

Based on results, corrective exercises are given to help prevent injury and improve the golfer’s game. The screen is designed for golfers at all levels. To register, please email

Sport-Specific Training

We offer athletes at all levels of competition customized, sport-specific training to maximize sports performance.

We offer 60-minute single sessions or packages of up to 16 sessions. To register, please email

Sports Nutritional Assessments

Our registered dietitians can help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Your diet is analyzed to create a personalized food plan aimed at optimizing health and athletic performance. Nutrient timing, meal composition, portions, menus, recipes, and practical suggestions are crafted to meet each athlete’s unique needs.

Registered dietitians work closely with you to monitor and update nutrient and diet recommendations.

Duration of nutrition assessment: 60 minutes
Duration of nutrition follow-up: 30 or 60 minutes

For questions regarding insurance coverage, please email

Sports Psychology

Our sports psychologist focuses on optimizing individual athletic performance. Goals include the following:

  • improving focus and concentration
  • removing any interference that impedes performance
  • cultivating factors that can enable peak performance
  • understanding how to approach activity from a holistic perspective
  • developing mindfulness, relaxation, and joyful performance
  • promoting awareness of automatic response patterns
  • learning strategies to compensate for obstacles to optimal performance

The client receives individualized short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals as well as techniques to confidently and successfully address specific goals. Goal programming includes weekly evaluation of progress, online training logs, and a personality inventory to identify the best way to increase motivation and improve attitude. Sport psychology services benefit novice to elite athletes and teams. To register, please email

Duration of sports psychology assessment: 60 minutes
Duration of sports psychology follow-up: 50 minutes

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction training is a rehabilitation technique performed by our experienced clinicians that can accelerate muscle healing following an injury. During a therapy session, your rehabilitation specialist guides you through a series of exercises that incorporate blood flow restriction using safely controlled tourniquet pressure.

This technique reduces recovery time so you are able to start exercising sooner in your rehabilitation journey. It’s not recommended for people who are pregnant or have a history of deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, or untreated heart disease. You do not need a referral from a doctor, but our therapists perform an evaluation to make sure this therapy is right for you.

To register, please email

Duration: 45 minutes

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training

Anti-gravity treadmill training is a rehabilitation technique that allows you to walk or run without bearing your full weight so you can exercise without exacerbating an injury. This training technique can also help you improve form and speed. During a therapy session, your specialist determines how intense you want your workout to be, based on your weight, medical history, and goals. It is recommended for people who are interested in maintaining cardiovascular fitness and range of motion as they heal from a lower-extremity injury. To register, please email

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes