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Golf Lab

Golfers who want to improve their game or prevent injury are invited to participate in the Golf Lab, part of NYU Langone’s Sports Performance Center.

The Golf Lab team, which includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, and golf professionals, uses the latest scientific research to develop personalized recommendations that improve ball control, performance, and consistency on the links.

Golf Pro Scott Young Gives a Video Golf Swing Analysis

The Golf Lab evaluation consists of three stations at which you receive one-on-one evaluations.

Stability and Mobility Evaluation

Your Golf Lab experience starts with a series of golf-specific tests and measures. These are designed to identify asymmetries and imbalances that can affect your performance and consistency and increase your risk for injury. We assess your body’s stability and mobility, including at the ankle, hip, pelvis, thoracic spine, and shoulder. We also evaluate how your game has been affected by injuries such as back pain, groin strain, knee pain, rotator cuff tear, and tendinitis.

Video Golf Swing Analysis

Our team next performs a three-dimensional infrared motion analysis combined with force plates to record your swing mechanics. This advanced video technology accurately measures club dynamics, ball dynamics, and the relationship between club face and path that creates ball flight patterns.


After completing the stability and mobility and swing analysis stations, you meet with our golf professional for a lesson. We discuss how your body creates the club face-to-path relationship and provide real-time feedback to improve your performance.

Group Review of Golf Video

Upon completion of the evaluation, you meet with the entire team to review your three-dimensional video. We identify swing faults and compare your video to what we found in the stability and mobility exam and during the golf lesson. This enables us to provide you with exercises and drills that target your specific areas for improvement.

After your session, you receive a personalized final report that includes the following:

  • detailed assessments from all stations
  • exercises that improve golf-specific movements
  • videos of golf drills you can practice on your own
  • online access to your evaluation video

We invite you to return to the Sports Performance Center for a free 60-minute follow-up session with our exercise physiologist. You can also schedule one-on-one lessons with our golf pro, personal training with our exercise physiologist, and a Golf Lab re-evaluation to chart your progress.

Exercise Physiologist Heather Milton Evaluates a Golfer at the Golf Lab

Exercise physiologist Heather Milton conducts an evaluation at the Golf Lab.

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