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NYU Langone Long Island Cardiac Care provides a full range of healthcare services for our patients. Our board-certified doctors specialize in cardiology, echocardiography, internal medicine, and nuclear cardiology. We offer personalized care, and our patients have direct access to inpatient and outpatient services at NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, if needed.

We offer a variety of testing services in our facility, including:

  • abdominal aortic duplex
  • arterial Doppler of upper and lower extremities
  • carotid ultrasound
  • electrocardiography (EKG)
  • exercise stress echocardiography
  • exercise treadmill stress EKG
  • Holter and event monitoring
  • nuclear exercise stress testing
  • nuclear pharmacologic stress testing
  • permanent pacemaker and defibrillator management
  • pharmacologic stress echocardiography
  • venous Doppler of lower extremities

Additionally, we provide our patients with hypertension and lipid management, Coumadin (warfarin) monitoring and management, and second opinion consultations for previous diagnoses.

At NYU Langone Long Island Cardiac Care, conveniently located on the border of Nassau and Queens Counties, we are committed to the highest level of patient care, and pride ourselves on same-day service to prevent disruption to your busy schedule.

Our Team

Our team includes internal medicine doctors, as well as cardiologists with specific areas of expertise, including echocardiography and nuclear cardiology.

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NYU Langone Long Island Cardiac Care

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