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Imaging Services

We have locations throughout the New York City area.

NYU Langone’s radiology experts provide high-quality, safe imaging services to more than 300,000 people each year in the New York City area. We have more than 230 board-certified radiologists who interpret imaging results for patients and referring physicians; 65 physicians-in-training; and more than 1,400 technologists, nurses, and physician assistants working together to meet the highest standard of care every day. 

Imaging Experts Interpret Results

Our experts have access to the most advanced imaging technologies available.

Medical imaging is a specialized science that requires experience and expertise, with a focus on each individual patient. We ensure your safety by adhering to radiation safety guidelines to protect you from unnecessary amounts of radiation. We make sure that you receive high-quality images by using state-of-the art equipment. And, our radiologists specialize in imaging specific types of patients or certain parts of the body, such as musculoskeletal, breast, and pediatric imaging.

Learn more about the subspecialties of our physicians, our research, and our training programs.

Make an Appointment

Our scheduling associates can help you find the most convenient appointment time for you. We offer evening and weekend hours at many of our locations. To request an appointment, complete our online form. You can also select the type of imaging and call the location that is most convenient for you. If your doctor has ordered an imaging exam through your NYU Langone Health MyChart account, you can schedule most imaging exams using the NYU Langone Health app. Most X-ray exams do not require an appointment.

When calling, please have your prescription and insurance card available. If you are scheduling an MRI and you have an implant, have your implant card available as well. 

Some imaging exams require insurance preauthorization, depending on the exam and your insurance carrier. After you schedule an appointment, our preauthorization team reviews your information and contacts your insurance carrier or referring physician. If authorization is not received by 3:00PM the day before your exam, you are contacted to reschedule your appointment.

If you have questions about billing or insurance for imaging services, please call 877-648-2964, Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

What to Bring to Your Exam

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • a list of your current medications
  • your insurance card
  • a form of identification with your picture on it
  • a prescription or written request from your physician for the imaging exam, if the exam was not ordered through our electronic medical records system

Questions or Comments about Your Visit

Your experience is important to us. If you have questions or comments about your visit, please email or call our ombudsman at 212-263-5222. 

Accommodations for People with Disabilities

We accommodate patients with disabilities, including but not limited to those who are blind, have low vision, or have other sensory impairments; those with physical disabilities; those who are deaf, deaf and blind, or hard of hearing; and those who have mental impairments. When scheduling an appointment, please let us know if you have a disability so that we can best serve you.

Types of Imaging Services

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