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NYU Langone Provider

Elisa Khanna, DDS

NYU Langone Provider
  • Specialty: Dentistry
  • Treats: Adults
  • Language: English
  • Phone: 516-466-5222
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I chose a career in general dentistry because it’s a field that blends science and art. The first thing I notice about people is their smile, and as a dentist, I work to improve people’s smiles and keep them healthy.

I treat children and adults who have a variety of dental conditions, including gum disease, damaged teeth, misaligned teeth, and missing teeth. I perform root canals, implant restorations, and cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, crowns, and bonding.

When I see patients, I listen closely to them and then present all their treatment options so they can be involved in the decision-making process. My approach in dentistry is conservative and all of my treatment plans are individually tailored to the needs of each person. I spend a lot of time educating my patients in disease prevention and oral care techniques that they can perform on their own at home.

Our team has been working together for several years. We have become a family and we treat our patients with the same care and concern as we would members of our family. My team and I work with patients from beginning to end making sure their experience is exceptional.

I am currently involved in Spear Education, a dental organization that provides workshops and seminars, and I’m always participating in continuing education. Dentistry is a profession that requires lifelong education because it is always evolving and I am committed to providing people with the best care.

Education and Training
  • Residency, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center, 2015
  • DDS from New York University, 2014

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This provider accepts the following insurance plans.

  • Administrative Services Only
    • SIDS 32BJ Dental
    • SIDS Asst Deputy Warden Dental
    • SIDS Bethpage Teachers Dental
    • SIDS Bricklayers Dental
    • SIDS Con Edison Dental
    • SIDS Farmingdale Teachers Dental
    • SIDS NYC DCC Dental
    • SIDS Plumbers Dental
    • SIDS Sanitation Dental
    • SIDS Supreme Court Dental
    • SIDS UFT Welfare Fund Dental
    • SIDS Valley Stream Teachers Dental
  • Administrative Services only
    • ASO/SIDS Dental
  • Aetna
    • Aetna Dental PPO
  • Aetna Dental
    • Nippon Life Dental
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • BCBS Dental Federal Employees
    • BCBS Dental PPO 100
    • BCBS Dental PPO 200
    • BCBS Dental PPO 300
  • CSEA
    • CSEA Retiree Dental
    • CSEA Sunrise Dental
    • CSEA Dental
    • CSEA Dutchess Dental
    • CSEA Horizon Dental
    • CSEA Retiree Dental
    • CSEA USC Ret Dental
  • Cigna
    • Cigna DHMO Dental
    • Cigna PPO Dental
  • Csea
    • Csea UCS Dental
  • Delta Dental
    • Delta Dental AARP
    • Delta Dental PPO Pref of NJ
    • Delta Dental PPO Pref of NY
    • Delta Dental PPO Pref of Northeast
    • Delta Dental Premier
  • DentaQuest
    • Aetna Medicare DSNP Dental
    • Affinity Child Health Plus Dental
    • Affinity EP 1 Dental
    • Affinity EP 2 Dental
    • Affinity EP 3 Dental
    • Affinity EP 4 Dental
    • Affinity Medicaid Dental
    • Center Light Medicare Choice Dental
    • Center Light Medicare SNP
    • Center Light Pace Dental
    • Center Light Select Dental
    • Center Plan Medicaid Dental
    • DentaQuest Ambetter Fidelis Bronze Exchange
    • DentaQuest Ambetter Fidelis Catastrophic Cvg Exchange
    • DentaQuest Ambetter Fidelis Gold Exchange
    • DentaQuest Ambetter Fidelis Platinum Exchange
    • DentaQuest Ambetter Fidelis Silver Exchange
    • DentaQuest Fidelis Child Health Plus Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis EP 1 Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis EP 2 Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis EP 3 Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis EP 4 Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis FIDA Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis HARP Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis MHI
    • DentaQuest Fidelis Medicaid Dental
    • DentaQuest Fidelis Medicare Dual Dental
    • DentaQuest Healthfirst Bronze
    • DentaQuest Healthfirst Child Health Plus Dental
    • Extended Home Care - MLTC
    • Hamaspik Dental
    • Healthfirst Bronze Total, Pro, Plus EPO Dental
    • Healthfirst EP 1 Dental
    • Healthfirst EP 2 Dental
    • Healthfirst EP 3 Dental
    • Healthfirst EP 4 Dental
    • Healthfirst Gold Dental
    • Healthfirst Gold Total, Pro, Plus EPO Dental
    • Healthfirst Green Leaf Exchange Dental
    • Healthfirst Medicaid Dental
    • Healthfirst Medicare Dental
    • Healthfirst Personal Wellness Plan Dental
    • Healthfirst Platinum Leaf Exchange Dental
    • Healthfirst Platinum Total, Pro, Plus EPO Dental
    • Healthfirst Silver Dental
    • Healthfirst Silver Total, Pro, Plus EPO Dental
    • Metroplus Bronze Dental
    • Metroplus Catastrophic
    • Metroplus Child Health Plus Dentals
    • Metroplus Gold
    • Metroplus Platinum
    • Partners Health Plan Dental
    • Senior Health Partners Dental
    • Senior Whole Health Dental
    • Wellcare Medicare Dental
  • FitzHarris Brown and Brown
    • FitzHarris Brown and Brown Dental
  • Guardian Dental
    • Guardian Dental PPO
  • Healthplex
    • Amidacare Medicaid Dental
    • Archcare MLTC Medicaid Dental
    • Elderplan Advantage Dental
    • Elderplan Extra Help Dental
    • Elderplan Medicare Dental
    • Emblem CHP Dental
    • Emblem Essental 1 Dental
    • Emblem Essental 2 Dental
    • Emblem Essental 3 Dental
    • Emblem Essental 4 Dental
    • Emblem Exchange - Basic Dental
    • Emblem Exchange - Bronze Dental
    • Emblem Exchange - Gold Dental
    • Emblem Exchange - Platinum Dental
    • Emblem Exchange - Silver Dental
    • Emblem Medicaid Dental
    • Emblem Medicare Dental
    • Emblem VIP Dual Dental
    • Healthplex Dental PPO
    • Healthplex Metroplus Silver Dental
    • Home First Medicaid Dental
    • VNS NY Choice Medicare Dental
    • VNS NY Select Health Medicaid Dental
  • Liberty Dental
    • Aetna Better Health - MLTC dental
    • BCBS Healthplus Child Health Plus Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus EP 1 Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus EP 2 Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus EP 3 Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus EP 4 Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus HARP Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus MLTC Dental
    • BCBS Healthplus Medicare Dental
    • BCBS Medicare Advantage Dental
    • Healthplus MAP Dental
    • Montefiore Diamond Care MLTC Dental
    • Oscar Medicare Advantage Dental
    • Riverspring Dental
    • Staten Island Health Plan Dental
    • Village Care Max MLTC Medicaid Dental
    • Village Care Max Medicare Advantage Dental
    • Village Care Max Medicare Dual Plan Dental
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NYU Langone Ambulatory Care Lake Success-Dentistry

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