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Affiliated Provider
Affiliated providers provide medical care at an NYU Langone location or a private practice, and are not employed by NYU Langone Health.

Carol M. Lee, MD

Affiliated Provider
Affiliated providers provide medical care at an NYU Langone location or a private practice, and are not employed by NYU Langone Health.
  • Specialties: Retinal Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology
  • Languages: English, Korean
  • Phone: 212-684-2424
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Conditions and Treatments

  • diabetic retinopathy
  • uveitis
  • laser surgery
  • vitrectomy
  • retinal surgery

Board Certifications
  • American Board of Ophthalmology - Ophthalmology, 1991
Education and Training
  • Fellowship, Washington University Medical Center, Vitreoretinal Surgery, 1991
  • Residency, NYU Medical Center, Ophthalmology, 1989
  • Fellowship, University of Illinois Hospital and Clinics, Retina, 1986
  • MD from SUNY-Downstate CollegeMedicine, 1984

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This provider accepts the following insurance plans.

  • Aetna
    • Aetna HMO
    • Aetna Indemnity
    • Aetna International
    • Aetna Medicare Managed Care
    • Aetna Meritain Health
    • Aetna Open Access EPO
    • Aetna Open Access HMO
    • Aetna POS
    • Aetna POS (American Express Employer)
    • Aetna PPO
    • Aetna Signature Administrators PPO
    • Aetna Student Plan
    • Allied
    • Chesterfield Resources Inc
    • Christian Brothers Services
    • CoreSource
    • Healthscope
    • Nippon Life of America-Aetna
    • Nippon Life-Aetna
    • Starmark
    • WellNet
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Large Group
    • BCBS Blue Access EPO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access GEPO Small Group
    • BCBS Blue Access PPO Large Group
    • BCBS EPO
    • BCBS EPO (BlackRock Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire EPO (NYU Langone Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire EPO (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire NYU Care (NYU Langone Employees)
    • BCBS EPO - Empire NYU Care (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS Federal Program
    • BCBS Florida Blue Care HMO
    • BCBS Florida Blue Medicare PPO
    • BCBS Florida Blue Options PPO
    • BCBS Florida Blue Select
    • BCBS Florida MyBlue HMO
    • BCBS Florida Simply Blue
    • BCBS Florida Traditional PPC
    • BCBS HMO
    • BCBS Indemnity
    • BCBS Local 32BJ Employees
    • BCBS Mediblue Medicare HMO
    • BCBS Mediblue Medicare PPO
    • BCBS Mediblue Select HMO/Extra HMO
    • BCBS POS
    • BCBS PPO
    • BCBS PPO (BlackRock Employees)
    • BCBS PPO - Empire PPO (Sunset Park/Family Health Center Employees)
    • BCBS PPO/EPO Small Group
    • New York Hotel Trades
  • Oxford
    • Oxford Health Plans Freedom
  • United Healthcare
    • Bind Benefits inc
    • UMR
    • UMR WTC Health Program
    • United Healthcare All Savers
    • United Healthcare Choice
    • United Healthcare Choice (AMEX employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (Blackrock employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (CBS employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice (Viacom Employees)
    • United Healthcare Choice NSLIJ
    • United Healthcare EPO
    • United Healthcare EPO (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare HMO
    • United Healthcare Indemnity
    • United Healthcare Indemnity (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare Navigate
    • United Healthcare POS
    • United Healthcare PPO
    • United Healthcare Plus (NYU Langone Health Employees)
    • United Healthcare Student Resources
    • United Healthcare Value, Advantage and HDHP (New York University employees)
    • UnitedHealthcare Choice (JP Morgan Employees)
This list of insurances changes regularly, and insurance plans listed may not be accepted at all office locations for this provider. Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that this provider accepts your insurance.

Locations and Appointments

Carol M. Lee, M.D.

161 Madison Ave, Ste 5NE
New York, NY 10016

  • An open-label randomized controlled phase 3 study of enfortumab vedotin in combination with pembrolizumab with or without chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone in previously untreated locally advanced or metastatic urothelial cancer

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  • Phase 2 Multicenter Randomized Study of DS-1062a in Advanced or Metastatic NSCLC w/ Actionable Genomic Alterations and Previously Treated with Kinase Inhibitor Therapy and Platinum-based Chemotherapy w/ or w/o Prior Immunotherapy

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  • A Phase 1b First-in-Human Dose Escalation and Expansion Study of XMT-1536 In Patients with Solid Tumors Likely to Express NaPi2b

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