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Manzur A. Sheikh, MD

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  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
  • Clerkship Director
Education and Training
  • Residency, New York Methodist Hospital, Pediatrics, 1993
  • MD from Central-East University, 1984

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Insurance Plans Accepted

This provider accepts the following insurance plans.

  • Aetna
    • Aetna HMO
    • Aetna Indemnity
    • Aetna Medicare
    • Aetna POS
    • Aetna PPO/EPO
  • Amidacare
    • Amidacare
  • Cigna
    • Cigna EPO/POS
    • Cigna PPO
  • ElderPlan
    • ElderPlan
  • Emblem
    • Emblem Select Care Exchange
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield EPO
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus Essential
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Indemnity
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield MediBlue
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield POS
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
    • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways, Enhanced
  • Fidelis
    • Fidelis Child Health
    • Fidelis Essential
    • Fidelis Exchange
    • Fidelis Family Health
    • Fidelis Medicaid
    • Fidelis Medicare
  • GHI
    • GHI CBP
  • HIP
    • HIP Access I
    • HIP Access II
    • HIP Child Health
    • HIP Essential
    • HIP Family Health
    • HIP HMO
    • HIP Medicaid
    • HIP Medicare
    • HIP POS
  • Oxford
    • Oxford Freedom
    • Oxford Liberty
    • Oxford Medicare
  • Railroad Medicare
    • Railroad Medicare
  • Tricare
    • Tricare
  • UHC
    • UnitedHealthcare EPO
    • UnitedHealthcare HMO
    • UnitedHealthcare Medicare
    • UnitedHealthcare POS
    • UnitedHealthcare PPO
    • UnitedHealthcare Top Tier
  • UPN
    • UPN Elite
  • US
    • US Department of Labor
  • VNS
    • Visiting Nurse Service (VNS) Medicare
  • Village Caremax
    • Village Caremax
View All Accepted Plans This list of insurances changes regularly, and insurance plans listed may not be accepted at all office locations for this provider. Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that this provider accepts your insurance.

Locations and Appointments

NYU Neonatology Associates

150 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220


  • Patient Sex, Reproductive Status, and Synthetic Hormone Use Associate With Histologic Severity of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

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